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  • I found a code. Do I have to log in, register or download the app?
    Found a code and wondering what to do with it? First of all, thank you for your willingness to help! OLAF is a free service and works for you without any annoying registration, without providing personal data and without additional software. Just scan the code and be helpful. We will tell you exactly how this works in the next question.
  • What should I do if I found an OLAF code?
    To anyone who has found an OLAF code and would like to help. First of all thank you! Scan the QR code with your smartphone camera. Most newer models recognize the link automatically and forward you to our chat via browser. If that doesn't work, enter the 6-digit code on www.olaf-app.com and you'll get there to the chat. Here you can then write to the owner of the item like in any messenger. If the owner doesn't get back to you right away, it might be inconvenient or the message hasn't been seen yet. Please be so kind and check the chat in the browser from time to time. Once you have made contact, you can arrange a handover at a public place of your choice.
  • Do you need the app if you find a code and want to contact the owner?
    Once you've found a code, you don't need an app or software. Simply scan the code or enter it on www.olaf-app.com and you will automatically be taken to our chat. This works for the Finder in any browser without an app or registration.
  • Does OLAF incur running costs?
    We are not fans of subscriptions and hidden costs. Once you have purchased a tag or sticker, the service and app is free for you.
  • Why is your name OLAF app?
    The name OLAF stands for Online Lost And Found
  • Does OLAF store my personal data?
    We value our privacy and yours. Therefore, our service works completely anonymously. If you store your e-mail in the settings, this is helpful, but not a requirement. You can also use the app completely without providing any personal data.
  • Do I have to create a profile to use the OLAF app?
    You're almost used to it. Before you can get started, create a profile. Not with us. Just download the app and register the code - that's it. If you like, you can name the item. You don't need a profile with Patavinus.
  • Do I have to pay to use the chat?
    There are no costs associated with using the OLAF app. The download and all functions of our app are free of charge.
  • Do the codes ever expire?
    We have no subscription period and no expiry date.
  • What does a finder learn from me?
    If you're concerned about what a finder might learn from you, don't worry. Our service is completely anonymous. Unless you share any personal information in the chat, the finder will only see what you write in your messages. You are welcome to introduce yourself if you like. We recommend that all users share as little personal data as possible and always carry out the transfers in public places.
  • How does the return of valuables work?
    Returning your valuables with OLAF works like this: If a finder texts you via chat, you'll see it in the app. If you like, also with the help of a push message. If you have stored your email address in the app, you will also receive the messages as email. As with any other messenger, you can then write to the finder in the chat, say thank you and agree on a transfer location and time. If you notice the loss and want to actively leave a message for the finder of this item, please write this message in the chat of this code. It is then displayed to the finder as soon as he scans the code. Check the chat regularly if you have not approved push messages.
  • What can the codes be used for?
    What can you use OLAF for? We keep sharing ideas on our Instagram account @olaf_app and show you with interesting pictures how you can use the codes. Very common applications for our tags are keys, backpacks, bags and pets. Our stickers are widely used to secure smartphones, tablets, laptops, electronics, headphones, calendars, suitcases, sports equipment and cameras.
  • Can I track my code?
    We do not use tracking. We deliberately do without GPS and other tracking technologies in order to be able to offer our service anonymously.
  • Why doesn't Patavinus use GPS?
    We do not use GPS tracking because without GPS our users can remain anonymous. In addition, our service without batteries is much more sustainable.
  • How do I add a code?
    We'll show you how to add code in our tutorial. You can find this in the Instructions section at www.olaf-app.com
  • How can I name my items?
    If you like, you can name your codes. Immediately after registration, the app will ask you if you want to name the item. You can easily do this afterwards in the corresponding chat. To do this, go to the chat settings and use the "Name code" function. You can now choose what type of item it is and give the item an individual name.
  • Does OLAF guarantee the return of my valuables?
    With our service, we try to make it as easy as possible for a finder so that you can get your items back quickly. Our idea is based on people helping each other. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a return.
  • How many codes can you use at once?
    How many codes can you use at once? That's a good question. We have already installed a three-digit number in an app in tests. Theoretically there is no maximum number.
  • Can I delete a code again?
    Removing codes from your app is possible. To do this, go to the chat of the code you no longer want to use in the app. In the chat settings there is the function "Reset code". This will release this code again and remove it from your list. You can use it later with another item and reactivate it.
  • Can I activate a code for a friend or relative?
    Managing for other codes in your app is no problem. If the person asks you to do so, you can easily activate e.g. your grandma's key in your app.
  • Can I give my code to someone else?
    You are welcome to share our codes and give them to other people. To do this, use the "Reset code" function in the chat settings. Now the code can be registered again. Gladly from a friend or family member in their own app.
  • Can I use the app on multiple devices?
    Using the OLAF app on multiple devices is not a problem. It is best to store your e-mail and use it to import all your codes into the app on the second device.
  • Why should I deposit my email?
    Saving your email in the app has several practical advantages: Firstly, if you switch smartphones or want to install the OLAF app on your tablet at the same time, you can restore your codes in the app on another device. Secondly, if you ever lose the smartphone on which the OLAF app is installed, you will receive chat messages from a finder via email.
  • What do I do if I lose the smartphone on which the app with all my codes is?
    In case you ever lose the smartphone on which the OLAF app is installed: It is helpful if you have stored your email address in the app. Then you will get all Finder chat messages forwarded by mail and can chat like this.
  • I already put my sticker on my smartphone and forgot to scan the code beforehand. What do I do now?
    Did you put your sticker on your smartphone before registering the code in the app? No problem, that has happened to us many times. You can also register the code manually in the app. Enter the 6-digit code with the keyboard and the app will recognize your tag/sticker just as if you had scanned the QR code.
  • How can I change the text that a finder sees in chat?
    This is how you leave your individual message to a finder: To do this, simply write the message in the input field as if you were chatting. As soon as you send it, it becomes the first message in the chat for all finders to read. If you don't write anything in the chat, the finder will get our standard message.
  • What do I have to do with the code if I get a lost valuable item back?
    After a successful return, we recommend deleting the chat history. The chat history is otherwise visible to the next finder and could confuse him. In general, the chat is visible to anyone who scans the code. Therefore, also delete test messages that you sent to try it out.
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