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Hello Adventsome - Community!

This year we are part of the sustainable Advent calendar by Adventsome. You can find us in one the 24 packages.

OLAF helps you secure your valuables without having to share any of your personal data. In the following we would like to give you a short intro how OLAF works and what it can be used for.


Our stickers  can be activated in only a minute or two. Register your code in our free app before sticking it on your item of choice. No need to set up an account or to do any kind of registration. If you chose to link your e-mail to the OLAF app, you enable a few very helpful features. In our Tutorial we tell you all about it.


As you can see there are many ways to use our stickers. Some famous items to tag are smartphones, tablets, laptops, wallets, suit cases and many more. By the way, our service works all over the world as long as there is an internet connection. 

How did we come up with the idea?


When one of our founders lost his keys he was frustrated with the problems he faced. Having to pay an expensive lock smith, he started questioning if there was no easy way to retreive lost valuables.

Especially with keys it is tricky to secure them with any kind of personal data like the address or a phone number. This was  the birth of OLAF, the world´s fastest Online Lost And Found. Digital and completely anonymous.


What is up with the turtles?

With the purchase of every Patavinus key tag you support our cooperation with the Turtle Conservation And Education Center (TCEC) in Bali! 

Every week on "Turtle-Tuesday" we are showing you some of the action that is happening. Follow us on Instagram orFacebook, to find out more about the project Projekt. 

We are very happy to welcome you to our Community and wish you a great holiday season and lots of fun with all the start up presents in the calendar.

Best Regards from Nürnberg


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