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OLAF is the perfect guardian for your pet

The OLAF dog tag 


Where's that rascal gone again?

Not only does our new Paw design look cool. Tagging your pet with an OLAF tag can also help you te get your best friend back if they ever get lost.

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Find a fancy dog tag in ourShop

Set up OLAF-App®

Download the OLAF-App® and register your QR code.

Here we go

Fasten our dog tag securely.

Find your woof again.

The finder of your dog can contact you directly via a chat by scanning the tag.

If your pet ever decides to take their adventure too far and gets picked up by someone else, the finder can easily contact you by scanning the QR-code. You can leave a personalized message in the chat that gives the finder information about your pet and how best to contact you. If you chose so, even a phone number or an address.


We made the OLAF app easy to use so any finder can contact you intuitively and there are no problems with your communication.

Our system works without batteries, so no need to charge and to check if it still works.

Our tags are very durable and waterproof so they can come along an any adventure. They can not tear off because they are made of metal.

Trailer back

We designed the tags in a way that they are safe to use for humans and pets. The rounded edges ensure that no cuts or injuries can occur.

You only need to buy the tag once. Using our app is free of charge. We do not beliefe in subscriptions or hidden fees.


​We continuously try to improve our app. Therefore we like to get your insights and check any suggestion to make OLAD better. Let us know what you think.

So you can best meet your pet´s taste for style, we have several dsigns to chose from. Feel free to browse around in our online shop.


But our tags can not only be used to secure your pets. OLAF can help you to tag all your valuables like keys, phones, bags and luggage.

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