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OLAF on Taff, the lifestyle magazine of ProSieben TV: Loser gadgets in the test

We have tested our system many times in the past and intentionally lost keys, cell phones, laptops, suit cases and other belongings to see if OLAF works.

A full 70 percent of the valuables came back in our tests, and it usually took only a short time for a finder to get back to us. 

This is due to the simple handling of our system. When a valuable item is found, the finder only has to scan the code briefly and can immediately message the owner without the hassle of registration. This is similar to WhatsApp or other messengers, but without the need to enter personal data.  

The owner will then receive a push message via our app, allowing him to arrange a return location with the finder.  


The lifestyle magazine Taff from ProSieben has also successfully tested Patavinus. 

You can see the TV report in the ProSieben Mediathek



Editor: Elena Lorscheid

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