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Together against cancer

OLAF not only wants to help losers, but also do something good for society.

Right after our move to Nuremberg we therefore started a cooperation with the label NurEinBerg.

With the jointly developed tag design, OLAF and NurEinBerg support the "Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder e.V Nuremberg."

NurEinBerg is a young Nuremberg start-up that manufactures sustainable fashion regionally. For every sold heartbeat shirt the guys and girls donate 5€ !

We are very happy about the cooperation and hope that together with your help we can contribute a part to support the Kinderkrebsstiftung.


The Parents' Initiative for Children with Cancer e.V. Nuremberg is a member of the umbrella organization Deutsche Leukämie-Forschungshilfe e. V. Bonn. www.kinderkrebsstiftung.de and supports research in the field of childhood cancer treatment. If you would like to know more, you can find out more on the EKK website: 


For every heartbeat tag sold, 10% of the turnover is donated to the local initiative. The tags with the Nuremberg Castle design are of course available in our store, or as a special bundle with heartbeat shirt on the website of NurEinBerg: www.nureinberg.de

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