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With this OLAF pendant, the finder of your lost valuables can write to you quickly and anonymously. Each trailer has a unique QR code that can be registered in the OLAF app. After registration, you attach the pendant to the valuables (keys, backpack, bag, etc.) or even to your beloved pet. The person who finds the valuable can now scan the code and is taken to an anonymous chat where they can discuss the return with you. In our tests, 92 out of 100 lost keys were returned within a few hours.


The peace pendant is the size of a €2 piece, making it very handy and only weighs a few grams. The layer of epoxy resin provides good protection against scratches. There are no ongoing costs. When you purchase the trailer, all costs are paid.

Peace logo pendant

€14.90 Regular Price
€9.90Sale Price

Ab 5 Produkten sparst du 20%!

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